Things to do:

  1. Add event details and RSVP to website
  2. Invitations to Seaplane Pilot List, General Public
  3. Solicit Volunteers
  4. Plan: Food, activities, etc.
  5. Coordinate with local ATC
  6. Coordinate with municipality
  7. Facilities check: windsock, ramp, dock
  8. Plan pre-cleanup activiity
  9. Plan setup activity
  10. Reminder email

Things to bring:

  1. Tables, chairs, awning
  2. Banners, tape, newsletters, brochures, etc
  3. A/V equipment, power, cords, media
  4. Radios, batteries, chargers
  5. Drinks, food, ice, cash, cashbox, credit card
  6. Ropes, tiedowns, bumpers, windsock
  7. (Optional): Ground paint, cones, do-not-cross tape
  8. Broom, rake, trashbags
  9. Boots, waders
  10. Hats, shirts, momentos, etc.