Saturday, 11AM- 3PM. High tide 1:00PM.
Rain Date, Sunday, 11AM-3PM. High tide 1:48PM.

We are planning a Splash-In and BBQ at the Essington Seaplane Base on August 7. Open to the public. If you think you might fly in, we’d love to know.

Pilots: We plan to have the floating doc in good shape to accommodate a couple aircraft. The gravel ramp will be smoothed and cleared and should be good during mid to high tide. High tide is around 1:00PM on Saturday, so the best window is 11AM-3:00PM for anything other than a tailwheel amphibious. For a Sunday event, ramp usage would be Noon-4PM.

See moreĀ info on flight patterns under “Base Info“. Note: The event could be cancelled by Presidential TFR if the President is in town that weekend.

Fresh gravel being applied to ramp, July 2021
Floating doc reinstalled, July 2021
Grounds could accommodate 10 seaplanes or so. Wing clearance is between 45ft and 56ft.